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Shortly after, level 18 brings with it some more strength!

And another dangerous unique. Ha! Chugged a resistance potion just in time! That one would have really hurt.

With temporary rElec up, Nikola is really a pushover.

Orb spiders: the most annoying/dangerous if you get hasty enemy in the game.

So GK puts Ďem both to sleep. Good buddy!

The worm vault is a lot less scary for a merfolk in Spider than where itís usually encountered, with a non-swimming character in Lair. The empty spaces have swamp worms that can surprise you in the water and do some quick, cheap damage.

Worm vault has a randart ring! ButÖitís mediocre.

Hey, Arachne! All the uniques are hanging around today.

MF Doom goes all-out on her. Kinda forgot we had Summon Ice Beast, huh? So did I!

The combined firepower is way too much for Arachne. Almost at bardiche mindelay!

An emp scorp also gets the full wrecking crew.

To predictable effect.

A couple more attack on the way through this level. This one does the most damage; still short of the danger zone.

Bad stair, try again.

Better! Silly entropy weavers arenít spiders, and, unlike most things here, can get stuck in webs (emperor scorpions just tear right through webs). With this one immobilized, it goes down fast.

Spider:4 starts with another rough stair. Spark wasps, like most things that have electric attacks, can wreck the unwary in a hurry.

A couple stairdances later, andÖyeah, like that. 58 damage on the trip upstairs, plus whatever MF Doom took on the trip down, and confusion on top of thatÖthis is an emergency.

In his confused state, many typical options for MF Doom are off the table. Invocations and scrolls are unavailable; attacking and taking the stairs again are suicide. The first action pretty much has to be curing or heal wounds; curing will be needed eventually, but heal wounds might better help MF Doom survive the turn where he quaffs curing.

One heal wounds and one curing work; no more confusion. Now to escape.

But MF Doom opts for heal wounds before blinking or fear, and pays the ultimate price.

That was a tricky situation; what could MF Doom have done to avoid it?

The first, and best thing, would have been to take another stair down. The spark wasp was sitting there and could easily have come up with some of the other spiders; a different stair is very unlikely to be that dangerous.

Second chance, once the confusion wore off, was to read blinking (best) or fear (OK). Either one would have gotten MF Doom out of immediate-death-next-turn danger. It still would have been a sticky situation, but when you could die on the next turn, you have to make sure to prevent that. If you take a lot of 10% chances of death in these situations, like I tend to do, one of them is going to bite you. This one did.

Another option: with two potions of resistance left, quaffing one before stairdancing some more would have made this a perfectly mundane encounter.

But MF Doom was a character on the edge of survival, between my suboptimally aggressive play and his weak defenses. Swamp and Spider had plenty of close calls before this, and I should have listened to those and played extra cautiously. Truly, hubris is the real toughest enemy in Crawl.

MF Doomís demise brings my tenure running this LP to a close. We got some wins, we showed off most of the game, and I hope you all had as much fun reading it as I did running it. Sorry for letting it drag at the end! I doubt Kalir or dtsund have any designs on continuing it further, but if so, the floor is theirs.

Please let me know if you have any feedback on my LP technique or style! I do plan to do more, and Iím always striving to improve. I donít have nearly the free time I did when I started this LP, but slow and (kind of) steady wins the race, right?

Iím proud to be part of one of the highest-post-count and most-read LPs on this forum (seriously!), though I really canít take that much credit for it. So long, and may Xom have mercy on all our souls.
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