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Down there, he manages to rest up enough to get out of extreme danger before something else wanders over.

But thereís an elf mage right behind the orc warrior, and all of a sudden weíre one hit from death again.

Some healing gets MF Doom out of the danger zone, and his allies come through to save him.

A little later, some revenge gets MF Doom to level 16, and powers up GK!

Öthis is getting ridiculous.

For some reason, MF Doom Idealizes and tries to fight it out. Abort!

Eep! Run away!

Phew. That was a close one.

Not that the stone giant lets up on the trip back up!

But it goes down, and not long after, the floor is finally clear. MF Doom has a pretty robust shopping list! The enchant weapon scroll is a must-buy.

As are some excellent books. Merfolk needs spell levels badly!

He does have enough to add Spectral Weapon right away. Oh, how sweet it is.

MF Doom makes it back to Lair and cleans things up a bit. Todayís mission had many close calls, but was ultimately a success!

Here are his skills.


And the dungeon overview. Itís time to venture into a Lair branch, but which one? The only source of rPois that MF Doom has seen is this thing:

And thatís not exactly conducive to MF Doomís style, per se.

Let me know where MF Doom should go, and Iíll see you all next time!
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