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This isn’t a complete thought, esp. since I haven’t actually sat down and read Animorphs all the way through in a while, but

It’s canon right, that the yeerks aren’t very big on having disabled hosts? It’s why the auxiliary animorphs were kids from the hospital, why Loren wasn’t ever infected (IIRC)

Which means that, probably, the Sharing wasn’t exactly super welcoming to disabled members, esp. in the Upper Echelons.

Could the animorphs in a modern AU leverage that towards fostering anti-Sharing sentiment? I’m thinking Marco setting up a blog w/ a tagline of like “Sharing is Caring…. Unless You’re Disabled” or something like that, with Ax/Tobias/ppl posting in stories/anecdotes, real or fake.

Granted, I know that abelism isn’t a Big Deal (NOT saying that that’s right, just saying what I’ve seen disability advocates mention) in our society rn, but on the flip side, ppl love calling out things that are “too good to be true”, and that story could easily be like, entertainment news fodder. + Given how the andalites historically treat ppl w/ disabilities (vecols?) Visser III/Yeerks wouldn’t actually have a reason to believe it was the ~~~andalite bandits~~~ and it might be A Concern that this was just straight up something ppl noticed on their own.

It wouldn’t blow their cover - going from “hey, this group discriminates against disabled ppl”➡ “because they’re actually a front for an Evil Alien Organization that wants Optimum Host Bodies™“ is a huge fucking leap - but it might tarnish a little bit their cover as a Totally Legit Organization For Good People To Do Good Things.



like I said, this is less of an actual thought and more of a word vomit, but I’ve been into animorphs a little bit more recently, and it got me wondering.
something I found on tumblr.
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