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So Book 51: The Absolute starts us off with a slightly different cover. Not in terms of "here's Marco morphing into a never-before-seen form: duck" but in terms of driving home that we're in endgame. The text above the title informs us that only three books remain until the end, and the blurb on the back has changed from "we can't tell you who we are" to "yeah they know exactly who we are and we have to end this".

The actual premise of this one is pretty straightforward though. Apparently there are mobilizations of the National Guard happening that are more than a little suspicious, so the Animorphs send Marco and Tobias to stake it out. Except there's not two birds of prey there, but more like twenty-five. Yeah, guess how long it took Tom to outfit his soldiers with morphing power? The one key advantage the Animorphs have had the ENTIRE SERIES, which is the only reason they've lived as long as they have, is gone now.

Anyway, Marco crashes a tank into Chapman's house and renders his entire family homeless, chiefly because screw that guy, and the Animorphs move on to their actual plan: how do we stop the Yeerks from infesting the National Guard? Well, they could get the governor to call off their movements, right? Plus, at this point, they REALLY need to get the general public aware of the invasion.

Jake divides the team into two groups. The first group, which has everyone that isn't Marco, Tobias, and Ax goes to stir up trouble and keep the Yeerks too busy to pin down the second group as they go talk to the governor. Cassie volunteers to be part of the second group, but Jake is still salty about that whole "I don't think you should kill your brother" thing and wants her under close watch, so it's up to the above three to be Team Finesse.

I should remind you that two members of Team Finesse stole and crashed a tank earlier in the book.

Basically it works out to a high speed chase for most of the book. The governor herself is pretty badass and handles the whole situation pretty nicely, and gets along pretty well with Ax, who plays the role of interstellar diplomat excellently. But as far as actual plot for the book... most of it there just isn't. A lot of Controllers have been given morph-capability, and the team finds themselves in a duck pond at one point attacked by all manner of park-goers at once, so that's cool.

But yeah. This is kind of just a book to pace things along, which is weird because did I mention that MARCO STOLE AND CRASHED A TANK?
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