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I'm slacking off and EOV is only going to make it worse. Going to the next writeup.

Book 37: The Weakness! Jake's not in town and it's not a fratricidal threat! They found Visser Three's feeding spot! Rachel takes charge and comes up with a good plan: nobody can survive four cheetahs to the face. Nothing could possibly go wrong! Just ask the Yeerk inspector with the Garatron host. What's a Garatron? Well, it seems like an Andalite, but its about as different from them as Klingons are from us. Also they can effortlessly outrun cheetahs.

The Garatron inspector is part of the Council of Thirteen, not yet seated on the council but aiming for it, and they're checking up on Visser Three's progress. It effortlessly kicks the asses of all present Animorphs and leaves them to run off licking their wounds. Faced with a foe that can outrun cheetahs, Rachel's new plan is to give the illusion that their army is much larger than it is by hitting the Yeerks with all they have, very publically, trying to embellish the incompetence of Visser Three before the inspector. This might work better if not faced with something that can outrun cheetahs, but the Garatron doesn't interfere.

And Rachel's plan takes up the first half of the book and is really just the Animorphs trash a bunch of public places screaming "YEERKS GO HOME". And it works phenomenally well until Rachel realizes oh no, she gave a grandpa a fatal heart attack during their first strike! This single civilian casualty which is equal parts accident and coincidence shuts Rachel down and gets her crying like a baby.

Ugh, skipping to the end.

Rachel has to save Cassie after she screws up a raid by virtue of the Garatron existing! She crashes a jet into the community center over the Yeerk pool! (Still a year and a half before 9/11, for the record.) Visser Three taunts the inspector into trying to finish off the Animorphs and Marco's cobra morph bites them! This book reads like a Worlds of Power book with extra melodrama. GO AWAY!
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