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Re: Darkwing Duck. I think it indirectly helped usher in Batman: TAS somewhat, as it treaded similar ground in a more comic fashion. I also quite liked the Boom comics from many years back. That ended right about when Disney bought Marvel. There's a new comic series this year, but I hadn't seen it yet.

I didn't think Gosalyn was ever all that bad. The cast was small as it was, she tended to be helpful as much or more as she screwed up (and so was DW). She wasn't a network mandate--she was there from the beginning. Plus an excellent voice actress. I think the writers liked the character well enough. She was barely in the recent comics, though, and I barely noticed.

I'd beg to differ about it being behind Rescue Rangers. However, I also hadn't revisited it recently. Furry culture and whatnot being what it is. Still, Jim Cummings is amazing, and I often dig up clips of Fat Cat for the hell of it. He has one of the only villain monologues I can remember from a cartoon of that time. From Adventures in Squirrelsitting:

You know, I could corrupt these children. Over the years, I could guide their innocent minds towards a life of wrongdoing. Yes! I could mold them in my image, hone them into criminal GENIUSES, the only ones capable of carrying on my EMPIRE!!!


Ah, but who's got the time? Toss 'em in!
I remember Tale Spin being really good, though. My dad even enjoyed watching it with me.

Originally Posted by Ample Vigour View Post
It's good that today's animators are doing the shows they thought they were watching as kids.
Your inspirations tend to work their way in. With the Disney Afternoon shows we're bringing up, it seemed like the creators of the 80's dug their old adventure pulps and serials. Ducktales is classic treasure hunting and adventure, Talespin is old 30's and 40's aviator stuff, Darkwing Duck gets the Batman comparisons but a lot of its basic concepts are straight from The Shadow.
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