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For me, it's fun to collect them. I originally started with collecting Nine Inch Nails vinyl back in the late 90's, and then took a break until late last year. NIN again started re-releasing remastered definitive editions of their records, so I picked those up, and found my wife's childhood turntable. That spiraled out into video game soundtracks, other general music albums, and getting a good turntable.

I only listen to music when I'm working in the home office, and it gives me a little break every now and then when I have to flip or switch records. It's totally not convenient, and I'm not one that prescribes to Vinyl is the Best and Only Format, it's just fun. It also gives you a ton of things you can do after the fact, like swapping out the sleeves, protecting the cardboard, etc. Very similar to comic collecting, vintage game collecting, etc, all stuff that I've also done in the past.
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