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After hooking up my SNES to a big CRT with S-Video for the first time, and being so happy with the level of crispness in the picture, it seems shocking to me that the Genesis apparently doesn't seem to have many readily available S-Video options.

I could either
a) Take my chances with a Retrobit S-Video cable for the Genesis 2, a brand I've felt a bit burned by in the past.

b) Look into aftermarket Genesis/Megadrive clones. Which I think are generally more promising than NES/SNES clones, because usually they don't use special chips in the cartridge.

c) Skip S-Video altogether, and stick with RGB + upscaler/HDMI converter to use on my HDTV. Which I think is generally fine for slower paced games, but lag is still an issue, especially on many of the quicker-paced games I want to play and enjoy for Genesis still.

d) a modded Genesis, which I am seeing available with built in S-Video ports and composite video/audio jacks. Which is looking really attractive since I would then be able to use higher-quality standard S-Video and audio cables for.
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