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RetroUSB's clone NES is set to come out this summer. It's got 720p HDMI, 4 player, built in game genie, and other features. It's based on a new FPGA config, not using salvaged NES chips like the Analogue NT. Wait for reviews on compatibility and quality, since it's not OG hardware. Maybe wait for a couple firmware upgrades.

Unless you already have an NES and are handy with a soldering iron, it's probably the cheapest way to play original games on a new TV. I'm still waiting for Kevtris's Hi-Def NES mod, since it'll do 1080p (it'll look better at 960p windowboxed anyway, since the 240p original resolution X 4 = 960, and you have to scale by non integer (4.5) to get 1080). I wish the mod would offer a x9 scale to upscale clean to 2160p for my 4K set, but I don't think it's powerful enough to handle that.
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