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Back to the subject of the Fourth World being pro-young people, the Fourth World gets to have its cake and eat it too with made up countercultures. Portrayals of hippies in comics have... not been the been. Interestingly, Joe Simon tried also to do two "pro-youth" that are extremely Octo-Good: Brother Power, the Geek and Prez, the First Teenage President. Joe obviously didn't have a handle on the youth culture, and comes across as wonderfully silly but also out-of-touch. I think Jack knew better than to try to pretend to be "with it" and just made his own stuff up and made it a part of his crazy-ass mythos.

I love that the first taste we get off this is a noble but savage biker gang that lives in the Ewok village, only with bike paths. Which, I think, is the craziest thing ever to just be OUTSIDE OF METROPOLIS! I mean, if memory serves, that's where it is, right? Also, DC, why not just have the Wild Area again. I feel like it would add a lot to Metropolis and help make it more interesting than just "big city with Superman in it".
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