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First issue to kick off this whole brouhaha is, as noted, an issue of Supermans (ex)Pal Jimmy Olsen, with The Newsboy Legion. Which opens with Jimmy receiving a special assignment from the Daily Planets new Editor in Chief (and obvious secret villain) Morgan Edge, who wants him to investigate the mysterious Wild Area, a counter-culture sanctuary whose residents kill anyone over the age of 25 on sight.

Clark Kent is obviously concerned for the wellbeing of his friend on such a dangerous assignment and expresses that concern to Morgan. Morgan assures him that there's nothing to worry about, but he also calls up Intergang and has a hit put out on Clark so he doesn't interfere with Jimmys investigation. Just in case it wasn't incredibly obvious that he's actually evil.

As for the investigation, Jimmy gets help from The Newsboy Legion, made up of the sons of the original Newsboy Legion, which I infer to be a long-forgotten comic book property from the 40s; made up of Gabby Jr. (Talks a lot), Big-Words (smart guy), Scrapper Jr. (Ben Grimm, if he was a newsie), Flipper-Dipper (scuba diver) and Tommy (He's Tommy!), who have built a specialized, flying super car called The Whiz Wagon (looks, for all the world, like a cross between The Fantasticar and the Vic Viper) at Morgan Edges expense to investigate the Wild Area.

As soon as the Legion (plus Jimmy) arrive in the Wild Area, they're attacked by Mad Max-esque bikers, whom Jimmy dispatches with a punch, which makes him the new leader of the biker gang called The Outsiders, as they respect him for knocking out their leader with one punch.

Back in Metropolis, Clark Kent survives the assassination attempt (secretly, he is Superman) and is growing suspicious that Morgan Edge isn't on the up and up, so he suits up and follows Jimmys trail to the Wild Area. If anything, Supermans welcome is even worse than Jimmys, and every one of the Outsiders immediately tries to kill him with machine guns and poison gas. All of these attempts work exactly as well as you might expect, expat for a Kryptonite Laser, which manages to knock him out cold.

When Superman wakes up, Jimmy offers a sorry-not-sorry apology about shooting his best friend with a radioactive death ray, and then explains what his actual assignment is; Morgan Edge didn't give a dang about the Outsiders living in the Wild Area, he was sent to investigate what's inside the Mountain of Judgement deep within the Zoomway at the heart of the Wild Area. Nobody really understands what that sentence means, except for one of the Outsiders who immediately freaks out screaming that the Mountain of Judgement isn't a place. And then the Wild Area undergoes an earthquake because the Mountain of Judgement, whatever it is, has just woken up.

That's a hell of an intro to the series. Even ignoring the cliffhanger there's a lot of pieces introduced in just the first issue to start keeping track of and plenty of mysteries yet to be answered. Still getting things geared up before the Fouth World really gets cooking, but it's off to a really strong start, especially given how Jimmy Olsen comics usually go.

Only sticking point is that it's really distracting lay obvious that Jack isn't the guy drawing Superman. He looks so wildly off model compared to everyone and everything around him.
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