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I read and gave away volume 1 years ago. Not because I wanted to, but because the only time I am not a terrible packrat for comics is when I am travelling. And I often travel with really good comics. So I often give away REALLY GOOD comics. To friends, if I can help it. I loved it and even started to write a sprawling critique on the themes and why I loved it so much. But I didn't have anywhere to post it (this was pre-talking time for me) so I was kind of bummed.

I wish I still had it. It probably wasn't as well-written as I'd like (I always feel I'm more articulate in my brain then when the words actually come out and I out myself as Basic AF) but it was certainly heartfelt. It's both Octo-Good but also has a lot to say. I really believe that. It is a book all about how Jack Kirby loves young people. Not in a gross way. Most of the books are about teens and kids (Jimmy Olsen, the Forever People) or the next generation (New Gods, Mister Miracle) battling societal ills in the form of ridiculous super-villains.

Mantis is energy and resource overconsumption. Glorious Godfrey is propaganda and fanaticism. Baron Bedlam is paranoia and throwing the masses into chaos.

I really wish I read the thing in its entirety, but I read at least the first three issues of each series, I think, and they are all awesome and crazy. I hear it never ends until the not-so-good "Hunger Dogs", which is a shame, because it looks kind of brilliant.

Though it is not Fourth World related, I do have a copy of OMAC sitting on my read pile. I'll probably getting to that soon.
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