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Default Donít Ask JUST BUY IT! Talking about Jack Kirbyís Fourth World

Hi! Iím Octo!

Not too long ago in the DC thread, Estragon and I both wound up starting to read Jack Kirbyís Fourth World Omnibus (well, heís started, I havenít cracked my copy open yet but I am going to soon), which naturally lead to discussion about the Fourth World because, frankly, that may well be the best thing that Jack Kirby ever produced. And since Jack Kirby is Jack Kirby, that is some LOFTY praise. And then I realized that the discussion has some meat on its bones. So why not make a dedicated thread just for it?

Besides, I like dedicated, community reading threads like this.

Anyway, I may have the details a bit wrong, but the genesis of the story is that Jack wound up quitting Marvel due to not being allowed to write the stories he wanted to in the comic he was basically working solo on (Thor) and being denied any input on a solo series for another character he was personally invested in (Silver Surfer), got fed up and left. In fairness, that Surfer solo series was awful, especially considering Jacks work on it. I donít blame him for his reaction.

Not long after, DC realized that they could hire the guy who was almost singlehandedly responsible for their inability to dominate the comics industry, so they lured him over with the promise that heíd have cart Blanche to do whatever he wanted. Give or take a few things that they wanted. And also he wasnít allowed to draw Superman. Which lead to The Fourth World, a biblical epic space opera that got its start in the wildest dang Jimmy Olsen storyline ever. And considering how that guy canít go a long weekend without getting adopted by his best friend, or married to a gorilla, or turned into a 50-foot turtle-man, thatís saying something.

Anyway, thatís all I have to say for right now. However I have intensely whet my appetite for cracking that gigantic omnibus open and letting sheer bombast wash over me like a refreshing spring rain.
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