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Originally Posted by Zef View Post
Well, dammit. I JUST traded in my Nook HD+ for the slightly smaller, yet several dozen times more powerful, Nook-branded Galaxy Tab. I hadn't gotten around to re-downloading all my books (not that I had bought that many) but I guess I'll be spending a couple afternoons doing that. I assume the built-in Nook app will still work for reading and managing even if the services are shut down, and that the Google Play version will also still have access to my books/magazines after March 15, no? (BTW, both links lead to your backup guide.)

It's a shame. I haven't looked into it, but I'm pretty sure B&N subsidizes a good chunk of the Samsung Nooks, hence the lower prices. Even back in 2012, the HD+ was considerably cheaper than most tablets out there, and just as decent. I guess the gamble didn't pay off :/
I could be wrong, but based on my understanding of the situation your reading experience shouldn't change, and any Nook Store apps you bought previously should remain on the device and functional, you just will need to go to Google Play if you want to get any new apps. I think?

I have an older HD+ that I really only use for Plex or comics reading, and I just replaced my Glow with a Kindle Voyage in February. It's sad; the Nook really was a fantastic device until B&N gave up on it.
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