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Well, dammit. I JUST traded in my Nook HD+ for the slightly smaller, yet several dozen times more powerful, Nook-branded Galaxy Tab. I hadn't gotten around to re-downloading all my books (not that I had bought that many) but I guess I'll be spending a couple afternoons doing that. I assume the built-in Nook app will still work for reading and managing even if the services are shut down, and that the Google Play version will also still have access to my books/magazines after March 15, no? (BTW, both links lead to your backup guide.)

It's a shame. I haven't looked into it, but I'm pretty sure B&N subsidizes a good chunk of the Samsung Nooks, hence the lower prices. Even back in 2012, the HD+ was considerably cheaper than most tablets out there, and just as decent. I guess the gamble didn't pay off :/
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