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The Menace of the Mermen (or The Ambergris Element,if you're inclined to believe the episode title-card) is pretty similar to that one episode of Futurama. No, the other one that's like Star Trek. No, not that one either. God it's like you're not even trying.

It begins with the Enterprise checking out a water-planet to figure out why-come it's so wet, and so they pop down in a Scuba-Enterprise (yessss) and immediately get attacked by a giant shrimp. Which they identify as a whale. And which is later referred to as a snake. I don't think the animators had much of a reference point for marine life. Anyway, they're attacked and go missing, and a rescue team finds them washed up on another shore a couple of days later with amnesia. Also, they are now mermaids.

I mean, it's TAS, so they obviously didn't have the budget to make new models for Kirk and Spock, so there's no tails or anything, were just told they breathe water and their hands look a bit like flippers, but still, Merkirk.

Anyway, Kirk and Spock realize they'd be sucky spaceshippers if they were stuck in a salt water tank and Bones doesn't have anything in his medical books about the cure for Mermaidism, so they track down the mermaid aliens who live on the planes since they're the ones who mermed up Kirk. They don't want to help because they're jerks, but they're also under a ticking clock because the planets about to have an bad earthquake. Sea quake. Whatever.

Kirk breaks into the Forbidden Temple in Merville and finds an old scroll with the cure for Mermaidism (it's Ambergris, the gunk that whales burp up, that causes and cures Mermaids) and heads back to the ship to prevent the earthquake just in time.

Turns out you can prevent earthquakes by shooting them, btw. Important safety tip.
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