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He introduced Buddha a while back, and that was enough to keep me from dropping it. The little guy sort of served as a shot in the arm to the series's development. The human cast is actually developing little by little (I haven't seen a Slick-Monique romance plot in I don't know how long), and Buddha has been a fun catalyst to throw into the more religiously themed strips.

Still, I wouldn't go as far as to say you should get back into it if you really lost interest so completely. For me the sheer variety of stuff he pulls is interesting enough for me to stick around through the repetitive (kanji strips, for example), even when some of his characters need to stay shallow to keep them useful as archetypes.

I'm also a sucker for his bouncy style shifts, even within the same strip- the last panel of the one I linked to with the Dragon and Buddha kills me.
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