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Originally Posted by Tavir View Post
I feel like I will be the only person who still does, but goddammit, I still read Megatokyo.
I actually still do as well, although mostly from sheer inertia, as it's one of the first webcomics I actually started reading. I've found that by far the best way of reading this is to ignore it completely for about a month, and then read the backlog (of 3-4 pages. Zing!) in one fell swoop. The characters do actually develop a bit, though I have to admit that Gallagher has a nasty habit of taking this way too far and giving every minor character and their dog a backstory and romantic interest that conveniently overlaps with the main plot. Sometimes he even does this at the expense of the main characters - somewhere along the way, Largo went from an eccentric but functional alcoholic with a somewhat loose grip on reality to a more 1-dimensional delusional sociopath (I can't help but think that the departure of Rodney Caston had something to do with that transition). Overall, though, solid enough.

On that note, I also still read Sluggy Freelance. To shamelessly steal from remarks made by Parish a while back: sure, the art is kind of mediocre and the writing a bit inconsistent, but Abrams has totally nailed the characters by now, and he is extraordinarily good at juggling long-running plot threads (sometimes over intervals of years) without resorting to a snail's-paced update schedule. It's at least worth a minute or two of my day.
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