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Page 10 is now up!

The current scene should go on for at least the next page, if not part of the one after that as well.

I have no idea regarding the date at which the next page will be available. A new project is starting soon at work, which will involve a lot of travel, and me going back to the regular five day/week schedule (and hopefully not too much overtime). So, I will probably bring my MacBook Pro with me, along with my shiny new iPad Pro (the big one) which is actually a surprisingly good graphic tablet, but since I will only have two days per week instead of three to work on the new pages, it will likely be longer between updates.

Page 11 should have been the halfway-mark of the first episode, but since I'm in the process of rewriting the rest of the script and thinking of adding additional scenes (mostly to flesh out the relationships between the characters and possibly some of the Fleet's internal policies), the first episode could easily go over 30 pages.

Next page (whenever I can release it): Source code change management! (No, I am not kidding.)
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