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Originally Posted by Traumadore View Post
Sounds good, I think experimenting while moving forward simultaneously is a great way to work.

I want to say that I think your industrial designs are really sharp, like the Cromwell and the placement of hatches, text and logos on it. It's definitely a strength of yours.
Thanks! It really came together at the last minute, too. I've been thinking about ship design for quite some time. Originally, the containers were going to be arranged in more of a train shape, but I eventually decided to go for something different.

Originally Posted by Traumadore View Post
I think just making it a point not to have plain rectangular rooms and hallways could increase visual interest as much as discovering the perfect color scheme.
I will probably keep things like this for now, simply to stay consistent across the same episode/chapter, but it's definitely something on my radar for the next space thing where the action takes place (probably in episode 3, episode 2 mostly takes place on the planet you keep seeing in the background).

Originally Posted by Traumadore View Post
Looking forward to the next page!
Me too! Which reminds me that I need to get started on that... Like, right now.

EDIT: Due to my weird schedule this weekend, this week's page may not go up until Tuesday

EDIT 2: No new page this week. I was hoping to get it published on Tuesday, and I ended up rushing things a bit too much, which ruined the whole thing. As a result, I have to redo a whole bunch of things. Also the new coloring scheme I was trying did not pan out, so it will look like the other ones. Which makes me think that maybe I should hold off on changing everything until episode 02.

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