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Originally Posted by Traumadore View Post
I think the headline above each page should be much smaller, maybe 12-14 point, and you could drop "Section 42" from the headline since it is already there in the title. There's also too much vertical padding between things in general, maybe minimize that so that the reader has to scroll down less.
It was way worse before, but I agree with you that there is still a lot of progress to be made in that department. I'm thinking I should just drop the title for the comic pages. Also I need to cut the space above the first panel and under the last row to 0 to cut on file size and padding.

Originally Posted by Traumadore View Post
The art looks good, but page 3 is a little hard to follow since the captain's room is the same color as everywhere else and you cut there for just a single panel. It looks like security has walked into that room and that is what they see.
Now that you mention it, this should have been obvious, and yet I missed it completely. That is some small thing I can fix easily. Plus I wanted to add some colors, so that is a reasonably good occasion to do it.
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