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anyway here's my list with the games that didn't show up on the list bolded and their songs linked (not many of you are probably gonna be able to hear that dolucky one because of copyright lol)
1. Drakengard "Ending C"
2. Opoona "Blue Desert Hotel"
3. Secret of Mana "The Oracle"
4. Final Fantasy XII "Phon Coast"
5. Jet Set Radio Future "Sweet Soul Brother"
6. Earthbound "The Sky Walker"
7. DoDonPachi: Daifukkatsu Black Label "Zatsuza"
8. Streets of Rage 2 "Never Return Alive"
9. Tail of the Sun "Odottepon!"
10. Killer 7 "Sweet Blue Flag"
11. Battle Garegga "Underwater Rampart"
12. Flower, Sun, Rain "Children's Corner"
13. SMT III: Nocturne "Talk"
14. FFV "Decisive Battle" 
15. Devil Crash "Bonus Stage 2, 5"
16. The Path "Forest Interlude 2"
17. Nier: Automata "Fortress of Lies"
18. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories "Angel's Scream"
19. Ken Griffey's Winnin Run "Game Lost"
20. FFIX "Final Battle"
21. God Hand "Broncobuster"
22. Zombies Ate My Neighbors "No Assembly Required"
23. No More Heroes "Stop Hanging DJs"
24. Xenogears "Shevat"
25. Dolucky Sandlot Baseball "Love de Peace"
oh that's a lot... I'm gonna spoiler-pop me talking about those that missed. its like one sentence each but it's still too much space

Drakengard - I already talked about, but I want to reiterate that I'm disappointed in you all and I hope you make better choices next time.

Opoona - I alluded to this by saying we should respect Basiscape. This is Sakimoto, Namiki, Iwata, and others legitimately at the top of their game. Anyway, Opoona is the most unfortunate victim of "hidden Wii gems" and I hope Koei pays artepiazza to make another (hey, he was in warrior all stars).

JSRF - Really thought this one would be on the list. Obviously just great sampling.

DDP: DFK - Figured this would miss but let me say how sad it is for me that this list didn't have any shmups. I probably should have included more in my list to be honest. I was reminded just yesterday that I should have included Einhander.

Tail of the Sun - There's so much I'd love to say about this game and soundtrack. It's funky it both the bad and good meanings. The only reason this wasn't higher for me I think, is that the ost includes arrangements which are even better than the on-disc tracks, but it feels like cheating to consider those part of it idk.

Killer7 - Takada is on my list 4 times I think. Such good atmosphere on this.
Battle Garegga - You have to admit, it is one of the best Underground Resistance tracks.

Flower, Sun, Rain - oh hey it's Takada again (and some other guy that isn't Jun Fukuda??) Lot of fun arrangements of classical music for a game that is not fun but is definitely arranged.

SMTIII - I want to make everyone fight by talking about how this is how SMT music should sound and I included no persona games. But instead let me say I forgot Strange Journey on my list and I'm sorry

FFV - Disappointed in you all. Please listen to the drums.

Devil's Crush - Important to note this is the PC Engine version, though this and the mega drive are basically chippy versions of awful neoclassical metal and it rules. Although the track I selected is actually one of the more calm and somehow emotive tracks. This also has fantastic arrangements (and I think one person on the arranged album also worked on the tail of the sun one. exciting).

The Path - It's Jarboe... From Swans. Rya don't think this is a malicious jab but I do want to say that you would not like this soundtrack. Just a warning.

Silent Hill - I'm really shocked Silent Hill 2 didn't make it. I probably should have included it in my list. I have way more experience with this soundtrack though. And listen to that scream sample. So good

Ken Griffey's Winning Run - This is a 12 minute soundtrack. It has 9 tracks, two of which are national anthems, one is take me out to the ballgame, one is a ten second jingle. The others are really great grungy techno tracks composed by DKC(3) composer Eveline Novakovic. She's so great! This is better than DKC!

God Hand - More Takada, this time with surf rock. I think that's Fukuda on guitar. idk. great soundtrack great game etc

Zombies Ate My Neighbors - I love this soundtrack way less than I used to. It's fun though.

No More Heroes - Takada. You probably know this soundtrack at least to some end.

Dolucky - I randomly found this on someone's slsk account. Have barely even seen the game in action. It's a gimmick choice but hey it's really good. You'll probably have to take my word for it because it's not the easiest to find (or maybe it is I haven't looked that hard)

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