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But that means these lists are going to turn out "safe", as the final list matches the collective tastes of all Talking Time, so popularity will best your personal taste every time. That's the nature of democracy, I'm afraid.

It also means that there's no such thing as an "ojective" list. I try to make a point that 'Top' doesn't mean Best, but Favorite. Because, frankly, what metric can we use to judge what's 'Best'?

That said, I don't mind that popularity trumps 'quality', whatever that word can mean in the subject of art. I knew the final list wouldn't match mine (Undertale over Chrono Cross, heretiics? No Necrodancer? No Life Is Strange? Madness!) but it's OK, it's fun ^_^ And did get to know some new soundtracks. I hope you guys had some fun, too, since that's our main objective here.
Well, honestly, the problem with these lists is that no vote can mean anything from "I hate this OST" to "I'd put this on #1, but I never heard of it before!"
So it's a pretty uninformed democracy that favours popularity over quality.

Of course the only way to fix this would be to just name one thing and then everybody rates that. And then move to the next. So people actually know each object to vote for and give it a honest chance. And then at the end sort everything by average rating. That would remove the popularity influence.
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