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Vernor's used to be a lot better before they took out the stevia. I ranted about this in a thread a couple of years ago, but the short story is that stevia is a spicy natural sugar substitute that Monsanto lobbied to have taken off the market so it could sell aspertame. Stevia was taken out of Vernor's in the early 1990s, and the flavor profile changed drastically as a result... it was no longer as fizzy, no longer as bold. I still drink it from time to time, but it's just not the same now that it doesn't singe off your eyebrows and nosehairs when you open the can.

Stevia's back on the market, but only as a processed extract that companies can patent. Any food with natural stevia in it has to be marketed as a "diet supplement." Yeah, screw you too, Monsanto.

...anyway. There was a brand of budget sodas called Towne Club, also from Michigan, that was pretty popular in the 1980s. Back in 1984, my parents brought home a case with a rainbow of flavors inside. The fruit punch was so caustic you could use it for Drain-O, but I remember some of the other flavors being pretty good... and man, there were a whole lot of them! The variety is what made this soda work, I think... Towne Club had flavors like sarsaparilla that you weren't likely to find anywhere else.

CMate: It's a ginger beer. I stop short of calling it ginger ale because it's not as crisp as Canada Dry or Schweppes... instead, it's hot and spicy. The original formula was REALLY strong, but the heat is still there in the new recipe; it's just toned down. Imagine a ginger ale with redhot jawbreakers dissolving at the bottom of the glass and you'd be on the right track.
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