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Missive from the Delta Quadrant:

"Worst Case Scenario": Maybe my favorite episode of Voyager so far? I love the structure: The first half is about discovery (Kes has short hair? Chokatay is evil and also still getting used to being first officer!? Seska's still alive!?!?) and mystery (who wrote this "holo novel"?). The mystery ends abruptly at the midpoint, and for a few minutes the episode looks almost like it's going to turn into an odd-couple comedy as the crew expands on the incomplete novel. But then, bam, the big twist: The whole thing is actually a poison pen left behind by a forgotten villain from earlier in the series as Seska returns from the grave to torment the crew even in death. Everything about this episode was great! It makes brilliant use of the characters and of the series' history, and does a pretty good job of fleshing out the Maquis/Federation tension of the early days that the first season did such a poor job of depicting.

"Scorpion" Pt. 1: I've heard the Borg/Species 8472 conflict goes to dumb places in future seasons, but this at least is a pretty intriguing way to wrap a season. Something horrible has come along that is capable of cold-clocking the Borg and Death Starring a planet, with Voyager caught in the middle. This leads Janeway to make a choice that is potentially very, very bad.

Meanwhile, I also watched the DS9 episode where Worf and Dax go to Risa and it sure did make Worf look like a big asshole who should end up in prison forever. On the other hand, Miss America!?
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