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Originally Posted by WisteriaHysteria View Post
Didn't the International version of FF12 basically implement a Job System by reconfiguring everyone's licence boards into Jobs? Last I saw, modders have made ISOs for that so you can play that version of the game in English.
Zodiac Job System is pretty cool, but it uses something more akin to FFI, where you choose a job for everyone at the start of the game and never again. It's still missing the mix-and-match experimentation that makes V's job system so much fun, though.

Originally Posted by TheSL View Post
It's called FFXI, but then you've got the baggage of a 11+ year MMO to deal with (even if its incorporated a shitload of quality of life changes in the last year).
I'm not very experienced with MMO's, but I tried FFXIV briefly last year. It did a lot of stuff that I'm sure is par for the course in the genre, but weirded me out as a mostly single-player RPG player. My overall impression was that it was making a lot of concessions to make everyone play together -- like, it would let me wander around, but I felt like I had absolutely zero chance of succeeding except in areas where I was "supposed" to go for treadmill purposes, so it felt like a moot point. I've kind of been wanting to give it another shot sometime, but I think it just might not be for me.
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