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It's not Nomura's fault, it's not any specific director's fault. It's this idea of passing FF around to anybody and everybody for each installment of the game. FF was at its most consistent quality when it was being directed mostly by Hironobu Sakaguchi.

You may like other FF games more, but I think it's hard not to look at 1-6 and see a really consistent (and improving) level of quality in all the games. 2 is kind of the outlier here, but compare that to how different every game from 7 on has felt in comparison.

Being malleable like that is a good thing in some respects for the FF series, but this "let everybody have a turn directing FF games" approach makes it easier to like one specific game, but harder to like the franchise since they don't always (in fact, I would say rarely) incorporate ideas from previous FF games that players enjoyed once you get to 7 and on.
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