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Welcome back everyone to Let's Play Vandal Hearts! In our last update, I killed a bunch of bandits and captured their leader, Zoot Gach (have I mentioned how much I love that name?), who we apparently put in jail only months earlier. What gives? Our heroes decide to head back to their headquarters in the capital city of Shumeria to report to their superiors and see if they can get to the bottom of it.

I don't think that I showed you guys the loading screen yet. It features an adorable fairy flapping her wings.

Ash makes it clear where his priorities lie, but he's not the one driving, so nerts to that. Shopping trip!

I know it's hard to see, but the shopkeeper is rocking a badass facial scar. I sell her Clint's old short sword for some pocket change. There's very little reason in this game to hold onto obsolete gear, so I'll be selling most of it.

The weapon list doesn't have much that's of interest to us. Ash and Clint are already rocking the best sword available for sale here, and as far as the pictured bow goes, I decide to hold off (mostly because I'm too cheap to spend 110G on a measly +1 AT upgrade, but as you'll see later in the update, this turns out to be the right call). You'll notice some new weapons at the bottom, but there's no one in the party who can use them. I'm sure that's just a silly oversight that we should read nothing into. >_>

So consumable items exist. Here's a quick list of what's for sale:

Herb - Restores some HP - RNG:1 FLD:0
Mage Oil - Restores 4 MP - RNG:1 FLD:0
Elixir - Cures status - RNG:1 FLD:0
Fire Gem - Attack Magic Item - RNG:3 FLD:1

We'll discuss RNG and FLD in more detail in a later update (although most of you can probably intuit what they mean from what follows), but suffice it to say, the first 3 can be used on a single adjacent target (or self-targeted), while the Fire Gem hits everything in a small cross-shaped area up to 3 spaces away (which is pretty potent, but priced accordingly).

Each of our heroes actually started with an Herb in-hand, but I haven't had to use one yet, and likely won't for a while, so they'll probably sit in the Depot collecting dust. Needless to say, I don't buy any items right now. If I did decide to though, each character can only hold up to two at a time.

The armour shop largely consists of tiny upgrades that I don't bother with, with the notable exception of this little number that Google called out up-thread for unintentional humour (it's short for Padded Leather, to be clear). Diego started with it, but it's several DF points better than what Clint and Ash are currently wearing, so I go ahead a buy a couple more sets. My whole party is now stylin'.

I can feel Ash frowning at me with disapproval, but after a hard afternoon of shopping, I need to visit the Dojo and cleanse my chakras. The Dojo serves two key functions, and the first of those is tutorials. Info dump ahoy!

Or woman. Silly sexist monks.

"After reaching levels 10 and 20, you may come here to learn new skills. Always strive to find the best in yourself."

"They are: Knight, Armor, Archer, Airman, Mage, Priest, and Monk. You must choose wisely in order to create a well-balanced party."

It'll be a while before we get that far, but I intend to leave my party makeup to the peanut gallery's whim, so it remains to be seen how wisely I'll choose or how well-balanced a party I'll end up with.

This guy's haiku need work. Also, he's totally stealing my thunder here. Quiet down, dude, I'm going to tell them about the weapon triangle later.

"Armor is strong but slow. Mages are weak but wise. Monks use word and claw. Always remember these basic rules before you engage your foe in war."

"If you seek true power, you must undergo the 6 trials just as Toroah. Remember that each door must first be unlocked by a key..."

My sidequest sense is tingling. Rest assured, we'll be looking into this legend more thoroughly in the future.

Ooo, what's all this then? Advance me, bro!

Bah, my brilliant plan, foiled. Looks like we'll have to check back in with the dojo at level 10.

Let's level up at the tavern!

Sigh, fiiiiine. party pooper
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