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Originally Posted by Lady View Post
So, Noct's strange childhood illness??? Does the Crystal just knock your feet out from under you when it chooses you??
In Brotherhood: FF15 anime, as a child Noctis and his dad gets attacked by the daemon Marilith and was injured in the process. And that's why he ends up going to Tenebrae for rehab.

Originally Posted by MetManMas View Post
I'm assuming the answer is yes, and not just 'cuz the giants are nasty foes. The weapons materializing out of nowhere, the ability to use magic, energy drinks functioning as healing items, all that stuff was tied to Noctis. He dies, and presumably they lose those perks.
I interpreted that whole scene as purely metaphorical. Like Cloud's final duel with Sephiroth in the Lifestream at the end of FF7. Noctis had friends and family to lend him strength; Ardyn had only solitude and bitterness as allies. At least, that's how I'm choosing to interpret things, because everyone deserves their happy endings in this game. Also, Noctis's buddies survived for a while in Niflheim for a while when separated from Noctis and unable to call their weapons. They're crafty enough to survive.

Also, about Ardyn he was a chosen king to end the blight, and the jealous king was the one who branded him as impure and usurped the throne/family line.
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