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That was pretty much my takeaway: despite all its trappings, at the end of the day, S&S is more Metroidvania than Souls game.

You may be able to buy a whip somewhere, but transmuting isn't a one-way street. You should be able to transmute any weapon into a like one if you have the correct material. It won't show you any transmutations you don't have the material for, though, so that may be your problem. (I haven't played S&S since before DS3 launched, so my memory may be a bit hazy.)

If you're still having trouble with dodging boss attacks, i recommend not trying to dodge the attacks themselves but, when you see him/her/it winding up, dodge through the boss itself to get behind them. Very few bosses have the awareness to turn around once they've started an attack so this gives you a good-size window to just go ham.

Also, i recommend leveling both a slashing and blunt weapon. Pretty much every enemy in the game is heavily resistant to one or the other of those two types - taking half or less damage - so having access to a good one of each type can make a huge difference, especially against bosses.
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