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Originally Posted by aturtledoesbite View Post
Yeah, that's my sticking point. The original Sphere Grid was pretty cool because for one, it's not a web. The different "classes" all pretty much stay to themselves, except for times where related classes might brush up against each other.
I mean, that's still pretty much true here? Each of the various starting classes starts in a different section of the grid, and drives towards their preferred weapon/armour types. However, like FFX's grid, you can also plow a bunch of points into driving off into someone else's part of the grid if you decide you don't care for your starting choices or want to hybrid.

Originally Posted by aturtledoesbite View Post
There's also the part where each class wasn't just a collection of stats, there were different abilities scattered throughout them as well so that you always had something to strive for just around the corner.
This, however, I'll agree with. I was really disappointed when I started looking around the tree and didn't find the special abilities that I was hoping to. You're pretty much just choosing gear specialties and stats. That being said, the poltice/phials do serve to be that something to strive for, I've found. Each additional poltice/phial is a huge bonus, so I plan detours to pick up any close ones and dive for the ones close to my critical path.
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