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Lightbulb It's like a Dark Souls thread except about progenitors, impact, and influences

Worth it's own thread: Dark Souls and its impact on gaming and/or comparisons with other games. The topic isn't super precise since we're starting as a spinoff from some tangential Zelda thread discussion. (i.e. if you want to post something Dark Souls related that fits here but is unrelated to the previous replies, go right ahead.)

random reply to the Zelda thread:

Originally Posted by Adrenaline View Post
I don't think Dark Souls is actually that hugely influential yet, at least on a AAA level. Not many obvious imitators, and "hard games" is a bit simple since it's a trend in general.
I agree, and I think this is an interesting observation. There's been Lords of the Fallen and at least a few indie games like Salt and Sanctuary. There are tons more indie games if you are willing to expand this to "laterally inspired by Dark Souls". But in AAA there seems to be very few games that could even be laterally inspired. Yet a lot of developers do seem to have something to say about Dark Souls in comments or interviews.

Blame AAA for being stupid I guess? Or do they think they can't pull it off? Do they think Dark Souls isn't successful enough? (or more to the point: not successful enough for an imitator to carve out a market?) Do they just firmly believe that key elements like difficulty or hands-off guidance are no-bueno? (Whether this is just the "AAA being stupid" explanation again is left to the reader)

random reply 2 to the Zelda thread:

Originally Posted by Issun View Post
Dark Souls was basically Miyazaki putting Zelda 2 in 3D and polishing off the rough edges.
Originally Posted by ASandoval View Post
Nah, I agree with this. I mean, I don't know if Zelda 2 was a deliberate inspiration, but the focus on exploration, punishing death with a loss of experience and the way combat has a feeling of ebb and flow all feel very Zelda 2. At the very least, I get much more of a Zelda vibe than I do Castlevania (though I do get why people make that comparison).
I'd like to encourage more discussion here, especially from those who do find the similarities between Zelda 2 and Dark Souls to be striking. I've been thinking about it and I invariably come up feeling like the comparisons are somewhat unremarkable (which is why I'd like to learn more about how others see it). To me, the most important potential connection that Dark Souls would probably have with an NES/SNES-style game would be where each screen doesn't respawn enemies every time you enter.

Thread Rule (?): let's try not to derail too deeply when the "gripe about Dark Souls comparisons" come up.

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