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Originally Posted by SpoonyBardOL View Post
And of course, the show isn't being made for the old fans. Remastered? THAT was for the old fans. And it probably made some new ones too, but overall the new audience they'll be marketing this new cartoon to won't have the nostalgia for Young's performance that the adults will. It might be just as well to find a new voice for Scrooge.
Scrooge McDuck is the very best cartoon character in the world, and has managed to be so in more than one pair of hands. Alan Young will always be the voice of Scrooge to me but there's nothing wrong with passing on the torch. Maybe have Alan Young voice McDuck ancestors in flashbacks or something, like how Scooby Doo! kept Casey Kasem on even after Matthew Lillard took over Shaggy.

Anyway, I am delighted. Disney knows how to make great cartoon series these days, so in the right hands I could see the new show outdoing the uneven 80s show. I just have three major hopes:

- A more miserly Scrooge. Cartoons are better nowadays about giving characters negative traits which don't go away at the end of the episode. 80s Scrooge has his moments, but he's cheery more often than not, and his fortune is depicted as almost entirely a good thing. Scrooge's fortune makes him miserable in Barks/Rosa's comics. I don't think he should be unlikable, but make him at least a little more prickly.

- More Donald. He can't be as talkative as in the comics but he should show up more than he did in the original. Disney has no good reason to keep him off the show.

- Scrooge should still be a Gold Rush-era prospector, no matter how little sense that makes, because his Yukon flashbacks are the best.
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