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Originally Posted by Calorie Mate View Post
Idle Thumbs is back!


Originally Posted by pence View Post
I have no idea what it'd be like for someone going in fresh. I started listening around episode 10 and I was fine, but there are a lot of weird in-jokes related to wizaaaaards and bird noises and VIDEO GAMES!
I came in late and then listened to earlier (but not so early) episodes, and even though I didn't understand where the running gags came from, I understood they were gags and I laughed along all the same

It says something about the show when I'll skip 1up YoursFour Guys 1up when they talk about stuff I know nothing about, like PC games (and, I'm sad to say, I skipped that ATB about Avernum too) but I never skipped a single Idle Thumbs ever since I subscribed, and I still plan to listen to previous episodes.

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