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October (boxes 7&8):

We lucked out in that our City Zero was Madrid, so right near the edge of our zombie quarantine zone. Once again the Operations Expert was the star of the day, flying in and setting up a Military Base and Research Station right away. We blew our last Experimental Vaccine on the first epidemic so we could finish the search action.

Of course then we promptly forgot to open box 7, but its contents wouldn't have changed the course of the rest of the game. We won smoothly and with plenty of time to spare.

Next game we're probably going to be vaccinating like mad. Assuming there's nothing in the November briefing that fucks with that. Road-blocking off C0D4 has kind of backfired on us a bit, in that we'll have a hard time getting in to treat, but I think the Operations Expert and his amazing jetpack will continue to save the day.
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