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October: This was an easy month, but we failed to find the immunologist. The timer's just too short! For our upgrade, we added two military bases, bringing us to five permanent bases. This freed up the Operations Expert role.

Early September: The deck was stacked against us to a ridiculous degree. We got our eighth outbreak before drawing our third Epidemic, which put a quick end to this attempt. Upgrades: We placed the sixth military base (making that objective autocomplete) and upgraded the Soldier to allow him to spend an action to trade a card for another card of the same color. This will make searching much faster.

Late September: The game softballed us this time, although we did get our first scar of the game when a city outbroke with someone in it. The Soldier was our scarred character, so he got the scar that makes it harder to discover cures. It's almost like cheating. We found the immunologist, but getting both the immunologist and the paranoid soldier was asking a bit too much. Sure enough, the upgrade we gave the Soldier was instrumental in finding the immunologist. We gave the Virologist the Veteran upgrade, since she was nearly useless without dog tags to get her places.

Three months to go!
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