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Originally Posted by Falselogic View Post
August/September Spoilers

Soldier died in early August. Colonel died in late August. Quarantine Specialist was the traitor in our game so we lost her in early September. Almost no way to deal with the Faded in South America and Africa at this point... Damn, I was expecting a twist but not that one!
I believe it's possible to get through September without seeing that spoiler, be warned.

Spoiling the same, which we just played: I had been expecting the military base objective to disappear soon, but losing our Soldier as the traitor was depressing. Besides being the best Faded remover from Paramilitary Escort, literally no one else has ever contributed to a search in our campaign - being able to recover cards was just so good.
We got three good months out of it, at least, and the new "Hazmat Suit but keep it" equip options take some of the sting out of it.

You do seem to be in a pickle. Guessing you can use Virologist at least? And Operations Expert+Local Pressure is a decent quarantiner if you don't sabotage all the bases.
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