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Do we have any pitches so far? Here's one I'd run or play:

Mafia of the Multiverse

My original idea was to give everyone powers and go wild, but on reflection, it's probably better to jump back in with a more vanilla ruleset.

The Wraith is the world's greatest detective. Once per night, target a player to discover the player's affiliation (not role).
The Visionary dreams of past, present, and future. Once per game (at any time), target a player to gain a permanent private chat with that player.
Other Sentinels are just as important too, I'm sure.

Baron Blade is Legacy's greatest nemesis, and he's brought his minions along. Can the Sentinels prevent Baron Blade from dragging the moon into the earth and killing us all?

In order to combat metagaming, the villain team begins the game with a list of the Sentinels present in the game (but of course not their secret identities).
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