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Originally Posted by Daikaiju View Post
Is this joke #1 going to become a regular thing? 'Cause it's getting old fast.
Too late, it's tradition now. But anyway:

#1 Calvin and Hobbes
Mentions: 19, Points: 497
Writer/Artist: Bill Watterson
Genre: Slice of Life, Humor, Family, Satire
Publication: syndicated comic strip, 1985-1995
Rank trivia: Yeah, this was never even close. Completely dominates under any counting system.
I CAME FROM SEARS?: No. You were a Blue Light Special at K-Mart.

"the last great newspaper comic"

"one of the most influential and well-loved comic strips of our time"

... and so on. Praise for Calvin and Hobbes is as near to universal as it gets. You know it, you love it, and I have a programming project for a job interview that I really need to work on today but I didn't want to just leave this hanging, so let's just end with some art:

End note: One can always quibble, but on balance I'm really pleased with the diversity we ended up with on this list. It's great to see people discovering new things! I'll put up the full vote tally later when I have a moment but meanwhile the first post is fully updated with links to everything in the thread. Thanks for voting, and happy comicking!

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