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It's time... for the TOP TEN
(No wait, Top Ten is not the next winner, though it is a good comic.)

#10 From Hell
Mentions: 6, Points: 141
Writer: Alan Moore, Artist: Eddie Campbell
Genre: Crime / Horror
Publication: series in Taboo anthology and standalone, 1989-1996
Rank trivia: This is the first entry to receive both a first and second-place vote (also 4th and 5th)
Tell me, child: do you like grapes?

Oh hey, it's Alan Moore - we all knew the ol' Brit wizard was gonna show up eventually. This one is about the Victorian-era Whitechapel murders and Jack the Ripper, mixing historical events with fiction spun out of a real-life conspiracy theory that the murders were designed to conceal the birth of an illegitimate royal child. The title comes from an actual letter purported to have been written by the murderer. The research for this book was so extensive that the collected volume includes 40 pages of references.

As a crime story, the book isn't really a whodunit - the murderer is revealed early on - but rather an exploration of all the interconnected people and systems surrounding the events. Here we have freemasons, illuminati, royalty, police, prostitutes, gender roles, class struggles, mysticism, and of course lots and lots of murder.

From Hell won several Eisners and a handful of international awards. It was also the first of Moore's works to be made into a feature film, in 2001, starring Johnny Depp. Moore, predictably, complained about the unassuming inspector Abberline being played as "an absinthe-swilling, opium-den-frequenting dandy with a haircut that, in the Metropolitan Police force in 1888, would have gotten him beaten up by the other officers".

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