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#14 (tie) Understanding Comics
Mentions: 5, Points: 117
Writer/Artist: Scott McCloud
Genre: Nonfiction!
Publication: single volume, 1993
Subjects: Comics History, Criticism, Design

It's our first non-fiction! This is basically a formal but accessible academic study of comics as a medium and an art form - their history, their visual vocabulary, and the methods and forms they use to convey ideas and stories - told in comics. How meta.

Not everyone agrees with every conclusion McCloud draws in the book, but at this point it's seen as a cornerstone of comic studies in English (alongside Will Eisner's Comics and Sequential Art). It's been lauded by the likes of Art Spiegelman, Will Eisner, Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Garry Trudeau, and Apple Macintosh UI designer Andy Hertzfeld. It's also picked up a couple Harveys, an Eisners, and a Hugo nomination.

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