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#19 Maison Ikkoku
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Writer/Artist/Creator: Rumiko Takahashi
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Publication: manga in Big Comic Spirits, 1980-1987
Yotsuya's Profession: ?????

Takahashi is back, with her most down-to-earth story - no ancient magic, troublesome aliens, meddling ninjas, or dangerous spirits to be found here. Just a long-simmering romance between a poor college student and the young widow who runs the boarding house he lives in.

Of course, this is Takahashi, so the other residents and assorted hangers-on make the proceedings anything but quiet. A mysterious voyeur, booze-loving bar hostess, gossipy mom with rambunctious kid, rich good-looking rival, younger girl suitor, vindictive freshman, and adorable Samoyed, among others, all do their best to get in the way. But her talent for writing compelling characters pulls it all together.

Maison Ikkoku has over 25 million collected volumes in print, and was adapted into a 96-episode anime series, plus 3 OVAs, an animated film, and three live-action films.

Anyway, it's a good thing it lasted so long because Godai really had a long way to go at the beginning...
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