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#20 Yotsuba&!
Mentions: 5, Points: 100
Writer/Artist/Creator: Kiyohiko Azuma
Genre: Adorable Slice-of-Life Comedy
Publication: manga in Dengeki Daioh, 2003-???
Enjoy: Everything

Azuma is back, with even more cuteness, only this time with 100% fewer skeevy male teachers.

Yotsuba&! (named because every chapter is titled Yotsuba & this thing, or that thing, etc) is the story of an adopted 5-year-old with a weird sense of humor discovering everything in life. It might give you cavities but it is a delight. Also it turns out Azuma can draw some swank backgrounds when he's not doing quick 4-koma.

Yotsuba& won a Tezuka Cultural Award and a Japan Media Arts Festival, and was nominated for an Eisner. Oddly, there's no anime version, but maybe that's for the best as I really don't want to see skeevy otaku figures of the supporting cast for this one. I do have a Yotsuba Revoltech that's pretty sweet (although it's not the expensive one with all the accessories).

But hey, it's not all sunshine and rainbows, sometimes there's totally drama:
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