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#21 The Mighty Thor - Walt Simonson run
Mentions: 4, Points: 98
Writer/Artist: Walt Simonson, Artist: Sl Buscema, Original Creators: Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, and Jack Kirby
Genre:Mythic/Cosmic Superhero
Publication: monthly series, 1983-1987
Beta Ray Bill's original name: Beta Ray Jones

As we saw in the prologue for this list, lots of people like superheroes but have different ideas for what stories show them off best. Not for Thor, though. Every single voter who ranked him agreed that Walt Simonson's run is the definitive Asgardian adventure.

Is it the introduction of that worthy ally, Beta Ray Bill? The expanded mythology featuring the likes of Surtur, Fafnir, the dark elves Malekith and Kurse, Hela, Tiwaz, and the very Midgard Serpent, disguised as Fin Fang Foom? Or maybe it's just Frog Thor. Whatever the case, Simonson made an impression.

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