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I don't want to cut off Cucumber discussion, so feel free to keep going with that, but I do want to get in one more entry before heading out for the evening, so...

#22 Phoenix
Mentions: 4, Points: 96
Writer/Artist/Creator: Osamu Tezuka
Genre: Science Fiction / Historical / Drama
Publication: manga in COM / Manga Shounen, 1967-1988

Here we finally have Osamu "god of manga" Tezuka, with what he considered to be his life's work, spread over several decades. Phoenix is, as the name implies, a tale of reincarnation and the quest for immortality, told over twelve separate books each with a self-contained story set in a different time period. Strivers search for the blood of the phoenix, but seldom find what they're looking for, or what they think they want. Throughout the series, Tezuka utilizes wildly varying styles and techniques to convey similar themes in vastly different settings.

Just because I think it's neat to see the breadth of the work, here are the existing books and the eras in which they take place:
  • Dawn = 240-270
  • Future = 3404
  • Yamato = 320-350
  • Universe = 2577
  • Ho-o / Karma = 720-752
  • Resurrection = 2482-3344
  • Robe of Feathers = 937
  • Nostalgia = 25th century
  • Turbulent Times / Civil War = 11801185
  • Life = 22nd century
  • Strange Beings = 1468
  • Sun = 7th century & far future
As far as we know, the series was intended to continue and eventually converge on a final volume set in the present, but was sadly cut short by Tezuka's death in 1989.

...but hey, let's not end on a downer here

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