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#29 Seconds
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Writer/Artist/Creator: Bryan Lee O'Malley
Genre: Drama? Comedy? Slice of Life? Magical Realism? Tiny bit of Horror?
Publication: July 15th 2014 (I think this is our first entry to come out as one single book!)
Originally Posted by Mushroom Instructions
  1. Write your mistake
  2. Ingest one mushroom
  3. Go to sleep
  4. Wake anew
It's an old story: gain the power to magically fix your past mistakes, ignore cryptic warnings, fix the mistakes in your fixed mistakes, accidentally damage the space-time continuum. Like you do. Who hasn't, really?

Anyway, Seconds executes the concept well, and it's a perfect fit with the popular "disaffected 20-something (going on 30-something)" sub-genre of indie comics. It can be tough to follow up a book that became a bit of a pop-culture phenomenon, but Seconds is a great little self-contained story and generally a more mature work. It picked up the usual-by-now Eisner and Harvey and also a Goodreads recommendation.
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