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#32 Ms. Marvel (Wilson)
Mentions: 4, Points: 77
Writer: G. Willow Wilson, Artist: Adrian Alphona et al, Co-Creators: Sana Amanat
Genre: Teen Superhero
Publication: ongoing monthly, 2014-present
Abilities: Shapeshifting, Healing Factor, Good at being a teenager (mostly)

Remember when I said there were two recent books that had gotten me to dip into Marvel superhero continuity? Yeah, this is the other one.

Kamala Khan becomes Ms Marvel when she discovers she has metamorphic powers during a worldwide event that activated lots of Inhumans, and names herself in honor of her hero Carol Danvers who had recently taken up the title of Captain Marvel. In the process she became the first Muslim character to headline a Marvel book. A daughter of Pakistani immigrants living in Jersey City, she does the usual teenage hero schtick of juggling school, friends and romance while fighting crime and the occasional supervillain, but also adds religious issue and the immigrant experience to the mix.

The book is, as the kids say, pretty woke. But of course it's still plenty exciting, toughing, and often hilarious while managing to address the important social issues of the day. Ms Marvel has gotten a raft of Eisner and Harvey noms, and won a Shuster, a Dragon, and a Hugo.
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