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Man, now I'm feeling like maybe I should've found a way to do this that didn't leave everyone bummed about all their entries that didn't make it right off the bat. Still, we're getting some discussion of heroes that are proportionally under-represented on the main list (though some are on there), which was the main point, so yeah.

So feel free to keep discussing superhero oeuvres while we ramp up, but meanwhile I also wanted to do a brief post on two runner-up comics that would've barely made the list if we were still using the original voting system.

Runner-Up: #56 Phonogram
Writer/Creator: Kieron Gillen, Artist/Creator: Jamie McKelvie
Mentions: 2, Points: 54

I'd never heard of this, but apparently it's about Brit-pop fueled phonomancers. Sounds rad. Maybe ajr or Westerhof can fill us in. (This goes in general - obviously I don't know about every comic on the list, and I thought about DM'ing people for blurbs but didn't want to hold up the process, so please chime in with more info about your faves!)


Runner-Up: #52 The Tick
Creator: Ben Edlund
Mentions: 3, Points: 58

One of the most successful superhero spoof characters, The Tick evidently began as a newsletter mascot, before getting his own comic book and later cartoon series, live action, video game, flamethrower, etc etc. His special abilities include Oxygen Independence and Drama Power.
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