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I lied, doing a bit more tonight...

Honorable Superhero Mention: The X-Men

These guys get around. Who the hell's on this team anyway? Is the answer "everyone"? I think it probably is. Anyway, here's a bunch of X-Men story arcs that didn't quite make it:
  • Season One, 1 mention, 13 points
  • The Uncanny X-Men, 1 mention, 27 points
    • Days of Future Past, 1 mention, 9 points
    • Asgardian Wars, 1 mention, 20 points
    • The Dark Phoenix Saga, 2 mentions, 32 points
  • The Astonishing X-Men, 2 mention, 43 points

(As with the FF, lumping the Uncanny/Claremont arcs into one entry would reach the Top 50, but not if I take out votes from the same submission lists.)

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