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Y'all Red e For This?: Top 32 & 64-Bit Video Game Nomination Thread


hardcore retro gamin'
It almost made my list. Thought about revising it, honestly, after submission. But that second disc really does drag it down.
I was always a Nintendo guy, but all the RPGs going to Sony meant that there was always going to be a betrayal in the cards
I was too during that generation. I vehemently hated the PS1 and all that it stood for. I saved up for an N64 by doing chores and stuff, and I vowed to never give Sony a single one of my hard earned dollars. Then a generous uncle gave me a PS1 for xmas in 1998 and it was kind of all over. Even though I wanted to love my N64, it just didn't have any games worth a damn versus the PS1 having every RPG under the sun. I just naturally ended up playing way more on the PS1. It wasn't halfway through the next generation after that, that I finally gave up the Sony-hate and just embraced being console agnostic. (I wanted to love the Gamecube, but you can only play Baten Kaitos and Wind Waker so many times; I loved the Dreamcast but Sega went and pulled the plug on it.)
Positronic Brain will remember this
Xenogears is a top 5 on my list


hardcore retro gamin'
I got my PSX for Christmas of '99 with FFVII. And yeah, that was the point at which I started becoming more console-agnostic myself. I still side with Nintendo more often than not, but the N64 made for some lean, lean times for us RPG lovers. (And I got an N64 after the PSX, so... yeah, definite betrayal there.)

I did enjoy the Gamecube, but I also think it was one of the weakest generations for Nintendo's first-party output. Although it gave us the astounding Metroid Prime, so there's that. Baten Kaitos was killer. The one thing that improved my enjoyment of it was disabling the voice acting. So many scenes were robbed of import because the delivery was so horrendous.


"This is not my beautiful forum!" - David Byrne
(Hi Guy)
Okay, I’ve been stumped for weeks now. What is this thread title referring to? I can’t think of any logos or games from this era with a red E in them. Someone please throw me a bone.


Slam Master
(he, etc.)
Okay, I’ve been stumped for weeks now. What is this thread title referring to? I can’t think of any logos or games from this era with a red E in them. Someone please throw me a bone.

Sony did an extensive ad campaign (seen in the video above) that constantly taunted would-be players saying "U R NOT E" I mostly recall seeing it in print, but there were some hype reels and commercials, too. They would also let you know that "ENOS LIVES," which I guess is supposed to be "Sony" backwards, because YNOS would be too hard to pronounce and also maybe too obvious? '90s advertising was extremely silly.

It was perfectly normal!
Are "it's like butter" and "lose your luggage" accurate translations? I've always heard butter pronounced close to the English word and I thought luggage was nimotsu or kaban? I'm really curious if these are slang phrases I've just never heard, which is very likely considering how little Japanese I know.